Charlie Gard

Anyone in the United States who currently supports single payer healthcare should pay close attention to what is currently playing out in the United Kingdom.

A 11-month old child is on a ventilator, terminally ill with a genetic disease called mitochondrial disease (or MDDS – mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome). He is unable to move his arms or legs or breathe unaided.

His parents want to move him to the United States or Italy for treatment, where doctors say an experimental treatment will give him a ten percent chance at survival.

U.K. doctors insist this treatment will not help and will cause more suffering. British and European courts have sided with the hospital and refuse to allow it.

This is the problem with a single payer healthcare system. Those who control the money control the decision making process. By going single payer, parents and patients are giving up their right to control their own destiny.

The United States was built on freedom. In choosing a single payer healthcare system, we would be giving up a big piece of those freedoms.

-John Anchor

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