North Korea

Yesterday, July 4th, North Korea successfully conducted a ICBM missile test indicating the country can now reach Alaska with missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

By every indication, the threat the United States faces from North Korea is getting worse. President Trump has pressured China to provide influence on North Korea’s actions because of North Korea’s reliance on China for food and energy. So far, this has shown no evidence of accomplishment.

So what do we do now? Let’s review the options:

Do nothing – This puts faith in a North Korea bluff. We know they have successfully tested nuclear weapons and are developing the missile systems capable of delivering a nuke to Alaska. Can we afford to call their bluff?

What about the other extreme? A nuclear or non-nuclear preemptive strike. It can be reasonably assumed that it is too early for either of these options. The consequences of a retaliatory strike by North Korea or its allies far outweigh the benefits. The United States is a peaceful nation. We will respond if provoked, but that provocation must be more defined than the mere possession of technology.

So where does that leave us? Diplomacy. The U.N. Security Council conducted an emergency meeting today about the crisis. China has U.N. Security veto power.

Do we encourage the world to sanction North Korea? Sanction China? Sanction Chinese banks? Keep an eye on the upcoming G20 summit for interesting developments on this.

This is the job of the President: making wise decisions based on the best available information. Which way will Trump go?

What can we do right now? Fast track improvements in missile defense development!

-John Anchor

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