The Truth about the Clean Power Plan

Last Tuesday, March 28th, President Trump signed an order repealing the Clean Power Plan, President Obama’s energy regulation. 

Many politicians commented on Twitter:

Senator Tim Kaine:

“Our energy strategy should be getting cleaner tomorrow than today. Disappointed @POTUS is breaking his promise to promote clean air & water.”

Senator Bernie Sanders:

“Mr. Trump, you cannot run a government by rejecting science. Listen to the scientific community, not the CEOs of the fossil fuel industry.” And: “Our job is to save the planet not make more profits for the oil, gas and coal industries. We must act boldly to transform our energy system.”

Here are some facts about the Clean Power Plan:

As of 2015, the United States generates approximately 213 Million Megawatt-Hours of electricity from renewable energy sources annually. (Wind, Solar, Etc.)

The Clean Power Plan projects that this number will increase to 706 Million Megawatt-Hours by 2030. 

Renewable energy sources are expensive and, as of 2013, require more than twice the government subsidies that fossil fuels receive in order to remain competitive. 

An increase of renewable energy production of this magnitude coupled with a decrease in coal production, as per the Clean Power Plan, is projected to result in a rise in electricity prices between 10% and 40% over this same period. 

The benefit? A 0.2% reduction in global CO2 concentration by 2050, resulting in a 0.01 degree Fahrenheit difference in global temperature and a reduction of sea level rise of 0.2 millimeters. 

The Clean Power Plan was bad policy. It would not have saved the planet, in terms of having made much of a difference at all in global concentration of carbon dioxide, temperature or sea level rise, but it would have caused a tremendous increase in utility prices to American families. 

More Facts, Less Rhetoric…

More on this tomorrow. 

-John Anchor

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